CEO Today - Africa Awards 2022

ABOUT BRYANDEAN Bryan Dean is a CEO with extensive experience in creating software and hardware space systems. He is skilled in Electronics, Aerospace Engineering, Space System Design and Embedded Software. As an Electrical System Architect, Bryan participated in creating the ExoMars Rover, Solar Orbiter and Aeolus projects for the European Space Agency. The main mission that Bryan sees as the CEO of Dragonfly is to create optical payloads that are game-changers in earth observation. FIRMPROFILE This is the latest chapter in a proud history of South African space engineering and space missions. Our team has a strong experience and heritage dating back to the first earth observation satellite missions starting in the 1980’s through to our most recent satellite launch in 2018 and imager launch in 2020. Members of our team have worked on every microsatellite space mission since South Africa entered the space race. WHY DRAGONFLY? The dragonfly has excellent vision, agility and stability, the same as our high-resolution imaging satellites. The eyes of the dragonfly are one of the best in the animal kingdom. Some have over 30 colour receptors like our hyperspectral imagers. A compound eye is good analogy for our large constellations of imaging satellites with numerous objectives imaging simultaneously to create a complete picture. A dragonfly’s eyes provide a 360-degree field of vision just as our satellite constellations provide a 360-degree view of the Earth. WHATWE DO Satellite Cameras Earth Observation satellites are called the planet’s space guardians, so the demand for satellite camera in space is growing. Our company offers a wide range of high optical payloads for capturing high spatial resolution satellite images of the Earth’s surface. We create imager products that can be used in amodernCubeSat or microsatellite platforms to create compact high performance satellite solutions. Satellites With the increasing commercial demand for small satellites, satellite platforms, also known as satellite buses, have become more and more relevant. Our satellite platforms offer you an opportunity to quickly and inexpensively deploy your own CubeSats and smallsats to LEO up to 500 km. CEO Bryan Dean Dragonfly Aerospace - 55 - CEO Today Af r i ca Award s 2022 - SOUTH AFRICA -

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