CEO Today - Africa Awards 2023

46 | Uganda In what ways are you working to grow your skills and improve upon your management style in your role? First, at GEO-MIK we are consolidating, adapting and anchoring our existing management tools that are driven by our vision, strategic plan, policy, budget and innovation. The aim is to fully tailor our management systems corporately in all sectors, eliminate team micromanagement, draw more attention and time to company policy and macro strategies. Also, as I always like to say, knowledge and information is power, so keeping abreast of emerging technologies and exploring new understanding is increasingly emerging as my day-to-day passion. This is always pushing me to explore new management strategies through self-study and research to enhance performance and personal productivity. With the evolving ICT tools and platforms, there are several online materials and resources that have made it easy to gain virtual access to useful information. For example, I have taken up formal courses in spatial decision support systems, ICT and entrepreneurship, among others. I have also made sure to purposely attend local and international workshops, conferences and trainings around the continent (even self-funding them when necessary) to keep up to date with industry developments, emerging technologies and trends. What would you say is the secret to GEOMIK’s success to date? We have remained clear and consistent to our vision since inception in 2008 amidst the challenges we have faced. Over the years, we have developed and are constantly adapting our unmatched abilities to the evolving technology, industrial needs and challenges of the 21st century. This is fueling our unique innovation-based service delivery model, which is constantly driving our work at the forefront and pushing our operational scale beyond territorial limits to disrupt the industry. Also, we have developed and sustained our commitment to the core value systems that drive the way we do our work. We have internal quality control practices, visionary leadership, teamwork, professionalism and commitment to our vision. Nevertheless, even with the above efforts and all the policy environments of work that guide our day-to-day endeavours, our other secret weapon is keeping God pillar to our work. What does this award mean to you? I thank CEO Today team and all those who nominated and voted for me and GEO-MIK for yet another accolade. This is existing and another endorsement of our brand contributions to the industry in Africa in general. This award a demonstrates confidence in our work and goes a long way to assure our clients and partners of our valued commitment to the vision. It is also a strategic promise and encouragement to our team that, with consistence and persistence, we can achieve whatever we set to do. Equally, it also means work has just started. I believe the award will inspire young and ambitious Ugandan and African youth to believe in themselves regardless of where they come from.

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