CEO Today - Africa Awards 2023

Country | 45 synergize, develop and nature startup initiatives worldwide through a global enterprise and venture partnership program that is anchored by our international development program and a global collective corporate social responsibility initiative (GCSRI). Our goal is to contribute and complement development efforts directly and indirectly towards a global start up and enterprise development agenda for a sustainable socially inclusive development which is in line with the SGDs especially goal 9 and 17. Is there a particular person or organization that has inspired your work? I really can’t say a particular person or organization because several circumstances and persons at different times of my life fused desire and inspiration to my work. Starting for example with the precarious events that influenced my childhood upbringing. Although my parents had no formal employment, they always encouraged us to work hard and as such at a tender age, I had already explored all sorts of income-generating endeavors though from the informal side.. These events naturally occasioned and prepared me early enough to explore and look at entrepreneurship as an occupational prospect even before attaining my formal education. Later after university, I consciously drew more inspiration from Robert Kiyosaki when I read his Rich Dad Poor Dad book. It really “tilted” and “reconfigured” my mental inclination; for instance, I started to clearly appreciate the difference between an asset and liability, job and entrepreneurship, income and expenses etc. Then, throughout and along my entrepreneur journey, I have grown fondly to liken inspiration from many established local and global businesses each with very unique lieu of motivation to incline to such as; ESRI, Econet Group and Planet.

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