CEO Today - Africa Awards 2023

12 | Country As a leader, what principles do you adhere to when navigating difficult business decisions and market changes? My principles are these – and you will, I hope, see the pattern here: 1) A humility to lead with a cohort of other leaders in the organisation 2) A growth mindset 3) A dependence on trusted market intelligence 4) A robust execution bias in delivering on strategic targets 5) Confidence in myself, our C-Suite, our Partners and our colleagues as a whole 6) Quality delivered and measured across all that we do, with all our stakeholders 7) Commitment to having an impact on the industry and elevating society as a whole. What advice do you have for emerging leaders, particularly those in the accounting and financial sectors, who aspire to become CEOs? Again a few - but a few important - things: 1) We need mentors from within and outside our industry, people who can re-frame our reference points and shift our thinking. 2) We have to be learning continuously – the world will not stop for us: we have to find ways to keep up. 3) We have to be clear that leadership is both a responsibility and a privilege – and that our example can have a far greater impact on society than we might imagine. Leadership provides an opportunity, responsibility and platform to serve. Part of that responsibility is to create a diverse and inclusive workplace and sector that reflects the society in which we work – and that, to be sure, is to be playing the long game.A game I believe we can and must win. Elevating people. Elevating business. Elevating society. LinkedIn: bdosouthafrica Facebook: bdosouthafrica Instagram: bdosouthafrica Twitter: @bdo_SA 12 | South Africa

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