CEO Today - Africa Awards 2022

CEO Today Af r i ca Award s 2022 - UGANDA - - 11 - Environmental protection programmes Environmental protection is crucial to the sustainability of the Corporation’s business, given the impact it poses on water sources. The Corporation is therefore undertaking a number of initiatives to ensure that it runs its business in a way that takes environmental concerns seriously. Capacity development The Corporation ensures that value-adding trainings are conducted for staff both internally and externally, with a view towards imparting relevant knowledge and skills for enhancing productivity and improving service delivery within the sector. Services to the urban poor Service to the urban poor remains one of the biggest challenges for most utilities in Africa. The NWSC is systematically undertaking several pro– poor initiatives aimed at improving the livelihood of people living in urban and peri–urban settlements. One of these initiatives involves a reduction in the pro–poor tariff charged on PSPs, which is intended to increase affordability and willingness to pay. What does this award mean to you? I am extremely honoured to be recognised for such an award. It goes a long way towards showing that public utilities in Africa do work. The Strategic Direction was developed using a participatory approach involving all key stakeholders, which was critical for ownership and full support from stakeholders. “ “

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