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Since 2009, CEO Today has been a beacon for business leaders across Africa—from prominent corporations to innovative startups. Our mission is to empower leaders to shape a prosperous future, expand their enterprises, and achieve success while making a positive impact on their communities.

Our dedicated team, driven by a robust work ethic and a genuine passion for business excellence, is committed to delivering compelling stories, breaking news, insightful reports, and in-depth business analysis. We are determined to make a difference when it matters most.

We engage with numerous countries across the continent, connecting with a significant portion of influential business entities.


We create meaningful impacts and achieve tangible results. At CEO Today, we provide real-time business insights to over 1 million people globally. Our offerings include features, reports, news, interviews, awards, and recognitions. We deliver comprehensive coverage through online platforms, mobile, and print. Collaborating with established companies, market leaders, startups, governments, and non-profits across Africa, we are at the forefront of the business world.


Our mission at CEO Today is to make an impact that truly matters. We foster equity, sustainability, and genuine purpose in everything we do. We aim to drive transformative changes in business practices and culture by providing knowledge, information, connections, and inspiration.

Market Leadership

Aiming to be the leading source of business insight, CEO Today is committed to empowering global business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives. We focus on creating opportunities, championing diversity, equality, empathy, and building a more sustainable business environment.

Upholding Integrity

At CEO Today, we build and foster trust, clarity, and fairness in all our endeavors. Our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is central to our values, forming the heart of our operations.


CEO Today is a global brand built on the efforts of those who have preceded us and those who continue their legacy. We are a team that cares deeply and champions equal rights, inclusivity, and the well-being of our people and collaborators. Respect, fairness, and kindness are the pillars of our workplace culture.


Since 2009, Universal Media has been creating leading business publications. Corporate governance is the core of our operations, essential for controlling and directing our company. We prioritize transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct, which are crucial for building trust with our clients, partners, stakeholders, and investors and sustaining our long-term success.


Our pledge at CEO Today is to prioritize our clients. We aim for our clients and their businesses to flourish as we do. We strive to channel our efforts to significantly impact our clients' messages regarding reach and awareness.


Now in its 7th year, the CEO Today Africa Awards celebrate excellence in business leadership, recognizing the achievements of executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and thought leaders. The awards spotlight well-managed companies that generate strong returns and grow through technology investments, customer-centric approaches, sustainability, innovation, and inspiration.
The awards process includes a thorough qualification and judging procedure, evaluating overall business performance, operational excellence, strategy, and human resource processes.


To be eligible for the 2024 CEO Today Africa Awards, firms must:

  • Have been operational for at least two years
  • Meet specific revenue and growth criteria
  • Demonstrate exceptional business expertise and innovation

At its discretion, the CEO Today Africa Awards may disqualify any entry for any reason.


Being recognized as a winner of the CEO Today Africa Awards offers numerous benefits, including:

  • A benchmark of business excellence
  • Enhanced brand recognition within the business community
  • Increased visibility among peers and clients
  • Positive impact on team morale and recruitment
  • Extensive media exposure - particularly online and through our strong LinkedIn following
  • Valuable networking opportunities at award ceremonies

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