CEO Today - Africa Awards 2023

62 | Kenya Tim Steel Our vision is to bring the power of mobile commerce to middle and low-income Africans, transforming this historically neglected market into empowered global consumers. Prior to joining Copia Global, Tim worked as a General Manager Associates Asia, Middle East, and Africa for TNT Express (Now FedEx). His career spans several decades during which time he has lived in many countries and has also worked in over 50 countries. As Copia’s CEO, Tim is focused on solving the real pain points that Copia’s customers face and creating an outstanding value proposition that generates value for Copia by being the first, only, and preferred e-commercial solution for millions of consumers across multiple African markets. COMPANY PROFILE Copia is the only B2C E-Commerce Platform Built for the African Mass Market. Meaning abundance in Latin, Copia was officially launched in 2013 with a pilot in Kenya by Co-Founders Tracey Turner and Jonathan Lewis. Copia is one of the fastest-growing retail enterprises in Kenya with plans of expanding into other African countries. With a network of over 50,000 digital-enabled Agents, two million customers and over 13 million orders to date, we provide a seamless shopping experience to all customers regardless of their income level, access to technology, or location. In a population of 1.2 billion, 800 million consumers are part of the African mass-market. Consumer spending accounts for 60% of African economic growth, $680B of which is driven by the middle class alone. Due to poor road infrastructure, the distribution of goods to the low-income consumers is highly inefficient, resulting in fewer choices and higher prices. Most of these mass market customers live in rural or peri-urban areas, and do not have access to conventional retail services like shopping malls and convenience stores. Copia provides a platform for them to gain easy access to a variety of quality products that are delivered affordably and at their convenience. Tim Steel is a logistics and distribution expert who has spent 30 years of his career leading diverse teams in Africa and the Middle East to deliver quality service amid rapid growth. His experience has enabled Copia to crack last-mile distribution in Africa where no one else has. CEO of Copia Global

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