CEO Today - Africa Awards 2022

Mariam Mohiuddin Senior Consultant at Superunion Every business leader will be feeling the pressure to articulate a net zero transition plan, as stakeholders continue to demand more action from companies to tackle the climate crisis. But as we see more companies being called out for perceived ‘greenwashing’ – it has never been more important to report net zero strategies in a clear, transparent, and credible way. Net zero is amulti-faceted and extremely complex subject. Reporting in this area is new, and rapidly evolving - whilst also often facing criticism for a lack of substance and clarity. With regulators across all continents considering proposals for expanded climate and transition reporting, net zero is set to become a permanent feature of company communications. Whilst net zero strategies are still in their infancy, and guidance around best practice continues to evolve (just this month the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero published a draft framework for the financial sector, for example), it is becoming increasingly clear that simply setting a goal is not enough. Stakeholders remain sceptical and need to see the detail behind plans, regular progress updates, and assurances that leaders are taking this seriously, rather than leaving it to the next generation to deliver. So then, in a world of big plans and little trust, what should companies focus onwhen communicating in this area? Presenting information in an accessible format The data behind net zero plans and the multiple workstreams involved make for complex reading. To avoid misinterpretation of key messages, infographics, timelines, and visual summaries should be presented in an easy-to-locate area of the annual report or website. M&G cuts through this complexity with a simple and uncluttered timeline presenting four strategic focus areas to get the company to net zero. Disclosing detail and communicating progress Surprisingly, many companies with a net zero VISION & STRATEGY Why Leaders Need to Get Net Zero Reporting Right Big Plans Little Trust

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