CEO Today - Africa Awards 2023

Republic of Benin | 41 WAPP team as well as the unwavering support of our member countries and technical and financial partners. Together, we have achieved significant milestones in advancing regional power integration, promoting energy access and fostering economic growth. During the next couple of months, we plan the inauguration of our power system coordination and market operations centre. We also plan to synchronise the WAPP transmission network in readiness for Phase 2 of the market. Importantly, we like what we are doing! We are very committed, because our projects are something new that can improve life for other people. Our region is a poor one; when you come to a village and give it electricity, then return two years later, you will see how much life has changed for the people there. This work is a great motivator for us. Personally, I am honoured to be part of this transformative journey. Throughout my career, I have witnessed the positive impact of accessible and reliable electricity on the lives of people in our region. It has motivated me to work towards our vision of a fully interconnected and electrified West Africa. What is your vision for the future of WAPP? My vision for the future of WAPP is to further strengthen regional cooperation, deepen power integration and enhance energy access across West Africa and beyond. I envision a future where the region benefits from a robust and sustainable electricity market, supporting economic development, job creation and improved quality of life for our citizens. To achieve this, we will focus on expanding interconnections, fostering renewable energy development and promoting regional power trade. The WAPP will continue to engage with stakeholders, attract investments and build strategic partnerships to drive the implementation of our ambitious plans. We have some challenges to overcome. One is regarding the sustainability and financial viability of the utilities. This is a challenge we need to tackle. WAPP cannot do everything in this field; it requires a response on the national level. We can help by providing guidance on how to manage the utilities, but that is not enough on its own. National authorities need to improve the viability of the utilities to ensure the stability of the market. When these authorities see the impact that the market makes, I believe we will see some improvement. To me, the future of WAPP is very promising.

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