CEO Today - Africa Awards 2023

Malawi | 23 across the country through our senior management mentors and tuition fees scholarships, fostering their growth and unlocking their full potential. NBS Bank believes in the power of education. We have invested in scholarships for nine students at two Universities in Malawi, namely, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) and Malawi University of Business and Applied Science (MUBAS), and believe that supporting these educational institutions helps to shape the future leaders of our nation. The Bank also contributed $40,000 towards the refurbishment of a hostel at a key University, LUANAR. Further to youth development NBS Bank is also committed to the development of our region. With a contribution of $50,000, we actively participated in the Region 5 Youth Games, hosted for the first time in Malawi, supporting regional initiatives that promote economic growth and sustainable development. These games also offer youth an opportunity to use their talents for a better future in sports. Sports and community come together in the spirit of giving through our Charity Shield initiative. In 2022, NBS Bank contributed $12,500 towards this noble cause, and in 2023, we increased our support to $17,000, fostering the development of sports and social welfare. The aim of this Charity Sheild is to bring the best local teams into. The Bank also supports Malawi’s retired military veterans through sponsorship of an annual fundraising event that brings forth various causes to cater to their needs, be it housing or general welfare. At NBS Bank, we believe that positive change begins with us. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. Looking forward, what is your vision for the future of NBS Bank? How does it align with the rapidly evolving landscape of banking and finance? The Bank continues to consolidate gains made thus far in repositioning the product base and customer-centric approach to business and will be increasing its drive toward financial inclusion. The key to the future of banking is to continue forming strong partnerships in the market and across borders because we recognize that we are operating in a global economy. Relevance in the finance and banking sector is hinged on the ability to be agile and reinvent the organization based on fast-paced market trends. With the rapidly changing environment, we continue to invest in better risk management and compliance models that safeguard any innovations that the Bank embarks on. One key risk that is being monitored closely is that of cybercrime, as we tighten controls to ensure digitization is more secure. The intensifying of our internal control environment has resulted in a reduction in operational losses over the years. My vision is to transform NBS Bank into one of the top 3 biggest banks in Malawi with a variety of products and solutions that are not only practical but relevant for today’s consumer market. For my team and I, NBS Bank will be everywhere without physical brick and mortar but focusing on the development of a robust last-mile infrastructure. Our Bank Pafupi and digital solutions are some of the key ways of increasing our reach across the country. Finally, what advice would you give young professionals aiming to pursue a career in banking and finance in Malawi? Rising above the corporate ladder is an interesting journey, especially if you have a clear vision of where you need to be. It has not been easy for me; I have had my fair share of disappointments along the way, but I was determined to see my dream become a reality – which is to lead an African bank that plays both in the local and international space and one that is also purpose driven. Going beyond borders was definitely a good move but tough. The African market is a tough one and requires resilience as well as a perseverance mindset. My advice to young professionals pursuing a career in banking and finance is that “set a vision, renew that vision as often as you see fit but never lose sight of it because it is what will keep you going. The financial sector is multifaceted and interesting. This means there are various specialties one can choose from within banking and finance and even rotate between areas of expertise in a bid to continuously learn and increase in personal value. This is a rewarding industry both personally and also in light of its contribution to economic development.

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