CEO Today - Africa Awards 2023

Gabon | 17 Dr. Andrew Gwodog Director & General Manager, SCG-Ré Dr. GWODOG shares insight into his management style, SCG-Ré’s ambition to be a leader of reinsurance in Africa, and its mission to manage the legal assignment on premiums and contributions of insurance companies exercising in Gabon. portant to ensure that all staff members understand the importance of their contribution to the company’s success. What does the future hold for you and SCG-Ré? It is challenging to predict the future with certainty, but our vision for SCGRé is an ambitious one. We aspire to become a household name in Africa, and even worldwide, whether I am present or not. Our future strategy rests on several essential pillars. Firstly, we intend to pursue our business expansion within the CIMA zone (Inter-African Conference of Insurance Markets) and across the entire African continent by opening regional offices and branches. We are looking to strengthen our partnerships with all African reinsurers, thereby consolidating our presence in the African market. Furthermore, we have plans to establish reinsurance pools in Africa, which will contribute to strenghten the stability of the reinsurance sector on the continent and stimulate regional economic growth. Regarding our financial performance and technical profitability, we have set ourselves short, medium, and longterm targets and we are committed How would you describe your leadership style? What would you advise to others in this role? My leadership style can be described as participative and proactive. I firmly believe in collaboration within my team, as I consider that we all have a crucial role to play in the growth of this young reinsurance company, SCG-Re. We are all links in the same chain and work together towards a common goal, which is to shine a spotlight on reinsurance in Africa. I encourage my teams to push their limits and unleash their full potential, so that we can rise among the top 20 African reinsurance companies in Africa. To achieve this, we have set up a management system based on the 3 Ps: Presence, Performance, and Professionalism. These three principles guide us towards excellence and enable us to maintain our business on a sustanaible basis. As a leader, my advice to others in similar roles is to cultivate a work environment where collective commitment is valued. It’s essential to create a strong team culture where every member feels invested in achieving our common goals. In addition, maintaining open and transparent communication is imT: +(241) 01 44 28 44 +(241) 01 44 45 27 / 28 F : +(241) 01 44 28 46 E: in improving them while ensuring the sustainability of our operations. This will require rigorous management and a well-defined strategy. As a Company listed on the Central Africa Financial Market and a signatory of the Nairobi Declaration, our business is closely scrutinized internationally. Therefore, we have a duty to earn the trust of our shareholders. We are also committed to the development of Gabon and Africa as a whole. We plan to contribute actively to the economy by participating in initiatives and projects that promote economic growth while adhering to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria. Finally, one of our major objectives is to move up in the ranking of African reinsurers. This reflects our ambition to become a key player in the African reinsurance sector. Leading a company requires strong and constant commitment. However, I firmly believe that it is possible to motivate the human resources within our organization to work together for the collective growth of the Company we serve. Our future is bright, and we are determined to rise to the challenges that lie ahead to achieve our ambitious goals.

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