CEO Today - Africa Awards 2021

Diane is Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Kigali. Since she joined in 2016, Diane has steered the bank through a digital transformation journey with aspirations to increase customer satisfaction, improve profitability and drive retail and SME customer acquisition. Diane has also driven the expansion of the BK Group business into General Insurance, Investment Banking and Technology to respond to growing needs of the market and diversify sources of income for the company. Under her leadership, BK Group became the first home grown company with a balance sheet valued at over USD 1 billion. Prior to joining Bank of Kigali, Diane served as the Head of Strategy and Policy and Chief Economist at the Office of the President. Diane earned her bachelor’s degree in Econometrics and PhD in Economics from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. Her research areas mainly concentrated on Risk Modeling and Measurement. While in Switzerland, she worked as a Fixed Income Portfolio Engineer at Credit Suisse in Zurich and taught Statistics at the University of Fribourg, before moving back to Rwanda in 2009. Diane also participated in the inaugural Senior Executive Program Africa by Harvard Business School in 2017. Company Profile Bank of Kigali was incorporated in the Republic of Rwanda on December 22nd 1966 as a joint venture between the Government of Rwanda and Belgolaise, the subsidiary of Fortis Bank. The public private partnership involved the ownership of 50% of the ordinary share capital. The bank commenced its operations in 1967, serving as one of the then market leader in banking sector. Following Fortis Bank strategy of withdrawing its operations in Africa in 2005, the Government of Rwanda acquired the Belgolaise share in 2007, thus increasing its direct and indirect shareholding in the Bank to 100%. In compliance with revised laws relating to private companies in Rwanda, in 2011 the Bank changed its name from Bank of Kigali S.A to Bank of Kigali Limited and to BK Group PLC in 2017 with 3 subsidiary companies namely BK General Insurance, BK TecHouse and BK Capital. Bank of Kigali’s growth over the last five decades is a true story of resilience, hard work and strong partnerships based on Rwandan values. Bank of Kigali has won the Awards of African Banker for Year 2011, 2012, 2014 & 2015. OUR VISION Bank of Kigali aspires to be the leading provider of the most innovative financial solutions in the region. OUR MISSION Our mission is to be the leader in creating value for our stakeholders by providing the best financial services to businesses and individual customers, through motivated and professional staff. OUR VALUES Customer focus, Integrity, Quality & Excellence Business Banking Join hundreds of thousands of small, medium and large enterprises that have already trusted us to be their first-choice bank and count on us to be there for you, as a reliable financial partner. The BK Business Current Account offers you the stability of a traditional bank account as well as the flexibility of a wide range of our innovative self-service banking channels that give you convenient access to your business finances, anytime, anywhere. BK Premier Enjoy a better customized relationship with your BK BK Premier is more than just a bank account – enjoy exclusive access to rewards, benefits and enhanced products, all tailored to suit your needs. When you own a BK Premier account, we make sure you get all the VIP treatment you deserve. Our dedicated team of personal bankers are at your service to ensure that you receive a personalized banking experience whenever you need it. Even more, our exclusive world class offers are designed to complement every aspect of your life. So sit back and relax as we take good care of you! About Diane Karusisi CEO Today Af r i ca Award s 2021 - Rwanda - Diane Karusisi Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Kigali - 70 -

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