CEO Today - Africa Awards 2021

Omnia has built a solid reputation as a reliable business partner. It is internationally recognised for its research and development, manufacturing capabilities and specialised solutions (products, services, networks) as well as technologies for the agriculture, mining and chemicals application industries. Its subsidiaries include Omnia Fertilizer, BME, Protea Mining Chemicals, Protea Chemicals and Umongo Petroleum. Known for customised and knowledge based, innovative solutions, Omnia is a game- changing business with divisions that often grab headlines, especially for setting new world records. Omnia’s growing emphasis on a “Better World” translates to its focus on: • Critical issues such as securing a healthy and adequate food supply for a growing population, effecting a lower impact on the environment, and ensuring safer operations for employees, customers and the communities within which the Group operates • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the farming process through Omnia Nutriology • Reducing customers’ environmental impact through BME’s product offerings such as Double Salt emulsion, which when detonated does not produce NOx emissions, and utilising Used oil - while still maintaining the highest quality of AN/CN based emulsion products • Promoting responsible use of chemicals for health, safety and a lower environmental impact with a shift towards cleaner technologies • Actively reducing its environmental footprint by recycling water, abating emissions and pursuing alternative clean energy sources • Empowering employees, customers, communities and its value chain by providing access to skills development and resources Seelan proudly shares, “Omnia has an incredible history and continues to be a leader and a market pioneer. The kind of innovation and forward-thinking approach our team applies to finding solutions, enables us to scale even greater heights.” Established more than six decades ago and based in South Africa, Omnia’s operations span across 25 countries. The business continues to grow its global footprint, bolstering operations in Australasia and Brazil, and expanding its presence in SADC, North America and Canada. Being the change you want to see It’s clear that Seelan is committed to building world class businesses and has great ambitions for Omnia, as well as the African continent. He explains that building meaningful connections with people and supporting their growth is his greatest priority. “My father taught me that business is all about people. Its people that make a difference in other people’s lives, including customers and staff. My desire remains to build an inspired, collaborative and socially conscious team at Omnia – one that makes a meaningful difference in the lives and livelihoods of all stakeholders,” adds Seelan. On the topic of inspirational leadership, he reveals how he has always been inspired by authentic leaders and aspires to be one. “Leadership is about entrenching purpose, empowering and inspiring people to work towards a common goal. It is easier to relate to leaders that are grounded, genuine, consistent and walk the talk. You need to be yourself and stay true to what you believe in,” continues Seelan. “It’s about persisting even when the odds are stacked against you. It means taking disappointment and failure in your stride, but also not letting success cloud your judgement.” Speaking on defining career moments, he recalls being overwhelmed with recognition from Omnia employees who thanked him for his decisive leadership, conviction and perseverance. He reaffirms how proud he is to lead an engaged and committed team – one that remains focused, especially under unprecedented and evolving circumstances. When asked what he would like his legacy to be, his response is, “That I strived to give people the opportunities I have received; contributed to the development of people, communities and countries; and left the world a better place.” www. ceotodaymagaine . com CEO Today Af r i ca Award s 2021 - South Af r i ca -

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